AIR Wholesalers has a comprehensive range of Automotive Air Conditioner Leak Repair and Detection Products.

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Bacharach Tru-Pointe Leak Detector

Bacharach Tru Pointe® Leak Detector

The Tru Pointe® is a low-cost handheld refrigerant leak detector that utilizes Bacharach’s patented heated diode sensor to pinpoint leaks of CFC, HFC and HCFC refrigerants.

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Errecom Extreme 30ml

Extreme Automotive AC Leak Stop


In the A/C systems EXTREME HVAC&R locates the leak and permanently seals it.

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Gas Control Spray

Gas Control Leak Detector Spray

GAS CONTROL is a technologically advanced gas leakage detection spray, designed to test the hermetic sealing of any type of gas system.

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errecom brilliant 60mlerrecom brilliant 6 x 7.5ml

HVAC&R Brilliant Florescent UV Leak Detector Dye

BRILLIANT is the fluorescent leak detector dye to locate the refrigerant gas leaks from vehicle’s A/C systems, Air conditioning & for Refrigeration.

Nu-Calgon Cal Blue Plus Gas Leak Detector

Leak Detector – Nu-Calgon – Cal Blue Plus

Cal-Blue products are the complete gas leak detector. Not only do they detect the smallest leak, they also provides other significant benefits.

Spectroline Cool Seal cartridge

Leak Sealer – Cool Seal A/C

Cool Seal seals refrigerant leaks in compressors, condensers, evaporators, O-rings and hoses

Nu-Calgon Easy Seal Direct Inject 6pkNu-Calgon EasySeal

Leak Sealer – Nu-Calgon – EasySeal Direct Inject

EasySeal Direct Inject is a new generation of sealants. Its patent pending injection method makes it easier to install than other sealants. With this new injection system, pumping down the unit is a thing of the past.

Tesuco LeakXpose Trace Gas

LeakXpose Leak Detector Gas

LeakXpose™ in disposable gas cylinders is the most efficient and cost effective way to detect leaks in HVAC-R systems.

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spectroline ar-glo4

Spectroline AR-GLO UV Leak Detector Dye

The faster, safer and easier way to locate even tiny leaks in very large industrial air conditioning and refrigeration systems.