AIR Wholesalers carries a comprehensive range of Air Conditioner Spares.

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Aspen Wood Wool Pad

Aspen Wood wool Evaporative Cooler Pads

Using the cleanest, toughest and most consistent fibres available in the world for evaporative cooling, the quality and durability of our pads are second to none.

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Axiom Universal Fan Blades

Axiom Universal Fan Blades

Axiom Blades are made of reinforced UV protected Poly Nylon for maximum strength.

They have been UL tested to handle temperatures from -250oC to + 2200oC.

Applications include A/C Condensers, Heat Pumps, Refrigeration Condensers and Evaporators.

Hydochem bio-sub

Bio-Sub Slow Release Biocide Buoy

Slow release bromine/chlorine biocide buoy for long term protection from algae, slime and bacterial growth, including Legionella.

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Bristol Comp

Bristol HBP Hermetic Compressors

In keeping with a commitment to deliver environmentally conscious, energy-efficient products, Bristol Compressors International, LLC offers a variety of ozone-friendly refrigerant compressors with fixed- and variable-frequency drive configurations.

Copeland Scroll Compressors

Copeland Scroll Compressors

Copeland Scroll™ compressors are being used more and more in commercial refrigeration as contractors and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) seek new ways to utilize the technology in supermarket, food service and healthcare applications.

Copeland ZR Scroll Compressor

Copeland ZR Scroll High Temperature Compressors

Applied in the air conditioning and comfort industry for water chillers, rooftops and close control unit applications, scroll compressors are now the most used compression technology replacing reciprocating and screw compressors due to its undeniable superiority.

Super Pump

Evaporative Cooler Pumps – Super Pump

Super Pump evaporative cooler pumps come with the added advantage of a integrated filter basket and quick fit assembly bracket to suit specific evaporative cooler models.

Goodspec 30amp RelayGoodspec 30amp Relay

Goodspec 30amp Heavy Duty / High Current Relay

The HLR1000-240AT1H1Q is a 30 amp single pole 240V ac coil high power relay used in refrigeration and cool room installations where the temperature control’s internal relay lacks the power switching capability to reliably control the compressors high load.

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Hitachi Scroll Compressor

Hitachi Rotary Compressors

AIR Wholesalers has a significant Range of Hitachi rotary compressors.

ICM492 Single Phase Monitor

ICM Single Phase Digital Line Voltage Monitor

Reliable protection of single phase systems against adverse line voltage conditions. Constantly monitors and displays line voltage. Protects against Over and Under voltage, and Rapid Short Cycling caused by Transient Faults and Power Interruptions.

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ICM450 Three Phase Monitor

ICM Three Phase Digital Line Voltage Monitor

The ICM450 was specifically designed to protect motors and other 3-phase loads from premature failure and damage due to common voltage faults such as voltage unbalance, over/under voltage, phase loss, reversal, incorrect sequencing and rapid short cycling.

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ICM UMSR-50 Universal Relay

ICM Universal Motor Start 50amp Relay

ICM’s new Universal Motor Starting Relay incorporates patented differential voltage sensing and a non-positional mounting configuration to offer a single replacement for all standard potential relays. Great way to reduce inventory. Ideal for A/C, commercial refrigeration, heat pump or any single-phase motor application up to 10 HP.

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ICM-402 Phase Loss Monitor

ICM402 Phase Loss and Reversal Protection

The ICM402 is a low cost 3-phase line monitor, with a 30 amp output that protects against phase loss, phase reversal and phase unbalance. Ideally suited to protect scroll & screw compressors from reverse rotation.

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ICM491 Single Phase Line Monitor

The ICM491 is a very low cost, highly accurate, rugged, single-phase voltage monitor designed to protect single-phase devices from the following abnormalities…

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Techtop Evap Cooler PumpJRM Evap Cooler Pump filter basket

JRM Evaporative Cooler Pumps

Superior corrosion resistance 303 grade Stainless Steel shaft. Direct replacement for all major brands. Proven long life to withstand Australian conditions


Kruger KAT Double Inlet Centrifugal Fans

The KAT series is DIDW centrifugal fans with forward curved impellers.

The fans are suitable for supply or exhaust applications in commercial, process and industrial HVAC systems.

Kruger KDD Series Direct Drive Fan Assemblies

Kruger KDD Direct Drive Centrifugal Fans

Double inlet low pressure centrifugal direct drive fans fitted with forward curved impellers with sizes 7 to 15 inches and capacities up to 10,000m³/h.

Manueurop MT MTZ NTZ Compressors

Maneurop MT Series Hermetic Compressors

Reciprocating compressors for refrigeration applications in medium & high temperatures with refrigerants R22/R134a/404A & R507A.

Manueurop MT MTZ NTZ Compressors

Maneurop MTZ Series Hermetic Compressors

Reciprocating compressors for refrigeration applications in medium & high temperatures with refrigerants R22/R134a/404A & R507A.

Danfoss MS Scroll Compressors

Maneurop SM Series Scroll Compressors

Maneurop scroll compressors cover a full range of capacities, perfect for any application from light commercial to large commercial systems.