AIR Wholesalers has the range of refrigeration grade polyester oils.

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BVA LT32 Oil

BVA RPOE LT32 Polyolester Oils

Designed for low temperature applications. Miscibility with R23, R508B and R404A eliminates the need to use two lubricants in a cascade system.


BVA RPOE Polyolester Oils

RPOE’s are most often used with HFC refrigerants because of their improved miscibility. Miscibility and solubility between the refrigerant and lubricant determines how the two will behave throughout the system.


BVA RPOE32MA Polyolester Oils

Specifically designed for use in Copeland compressors using HFC refrigerants. This replaces RPOE- 32LC and Copeland’s 32CF formulation

BVA Tel-spout oiler


BVA TEL-SPOUT OILER is a new way to get at hard to reach locations not easily reached with conventional oiling devices.

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HyChill SRO500 Oil

SRO 500 Synthetic Refrigerant Oils

SRO 500 Synthetic Refrigerant Oil is a fully synthetic industrial lubricant developed specifically for auto air conditioning compressors. It is especially formulated for severe service under conditions that are beyond the capabilities of conventional mineral oils. It is compatible with all commonly used refrigerants, and does not absorb moisture. Ideal replacement for Polyolester (POE) and Polyalkyleneglycol (PAG) lubricant, and superior to both.