AIR Wholesalers carries a comprehensive range of Air Conditioning & Refrigeration Installation Products.

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Stylus Foil Tape

Aluminium Foil Tape

Our Reinforced Foil is an Aluminium Foil with a Reinforced scrim laminate. It has exceptional strength and good flexibility and a high bonding strength acrylic adhesive and when used in accordance with the manufacturers instructions,eliminates condensation forming on Duct work and Pipe work,thus providing an effective vapour seal –

Vibration Rubber MountVibration Mount for Cantilever Strut Bracket

Anti-Vibration Rubber Mounts

Made from rubber/EPDM designed specifically for mounting air conditioner out door units. They are very sturdy and provide a great reduction to vibration and noise levels. Rated 400kg per set of 4.

Vibration Pad

Anti-Vibration Waffle Pad

Waffle pads are ideally suited to applications in the air conditioning, refrigeration and engineering industries due to their resilience and ability to withstand severe operating conditions.

MM Kembla Annealed Copper Tube

AS1571 Refrigeration Grade Copper Tube

Copper Refrigeration tube is used for air-conditioning, refrigeration & medical applications.

Aspen Heavy Duty Condensate Pump

Aspen Heavy Duty Condensate Pump – 6m/10m

With an impressive flow rate, these robust and reliable Heavy Duty pumps are perfect for the rapid removal of large quantities of condensate water.

Aspen Hi-Lift Condensate Pump

Aspen Hi-Lift Condensate Pump

The world’s only peristaltic tank pump offers unsurpassed high head and unmatched reliability.

Aspen ERRP Low Profile Condensate Pump

Aspen Low Profile ERRP Condensate Pumps – Side/Top entry

Designed for retail chiller cabinets, this range of pumps is extremely easy to install and maintain. Placed directly below the refrigeration unit they remove water during the defrost cycle.

aspen max hi-flow condensate pump

Aspen Max Hi-Flow Condensate Pump

The best in class Max Hi-Flow tank pump carries on the Aspen Pumps tradition of build quality & high performance. With the lowest dB(A) rating & best IP rating (IP24 splash proof) of any tank pump, the Max Hi-Flow is the quietest & safest pump in its class.

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Aspen Universal Peristaltic Condensate Pump

Aspen Mechanical Peristaltic Condensate Pumps

Bringing mini pump and peristaltic pump technology together. Simply position the remote reservoir (float switch) in the condensate tray or fix to the drain-pipe connection (depending on chosen reservoir).

Aspen Mini Blanc Condensate PumpAspen Mini Blanc Condensate Pump

Aspen Mini Blanc Condensate Pump

The ‘ultra quick fit’ Mini Blanc is designed to be fitted beneath high wall indoor units and offers easy access for future maintenance.

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Aspen Mini Tank Pump Condensate Pump

Aspen Mini Tank Condensate Pump

The new and improved Mini Tank pump can be wall mounted, floor mounted, in-pan or suspended on M8/M10 rod. Using piston technology this is a compact, powerful and multi-functional tank pump.

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Aspen Mini Lime Condensate PumpAspen Mini Lime Condensate Pump

Aspen Silent+ Mini Lime Condensate Pump

The Silent+ Mini Lime is designed around a ‘total system approach’ and includes many features to create a truly silent system. Perfect for offices and meeting rooms.

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Aspen Peristaltic Condensate Pump

Aspen Standard Peristaltic Condensate Pump

Operated by an air conditioning cooling signal, the Standard peristaltic sets the standard for reliability. The remote install options means minimum future maintenance disruption.

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Aspen Universal Peristaltic Condensate Pump

Aspen Universal Peristaltic Condensate Pump

The top selling Universal is operated by two air temperature sensors. The peristaltic rotary movement creates a continuous pressure meaning the pump can  be sited 8m away from the source with no effect in performance.

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Austral Wright Paircoil

Pre-insulated annealed copper paircoils used for general air conditioning and refrigeration installations and split system air conditioners.

MM Kembla Bronco Pipe SupportMM Kembla Bronco Pipe Support

Bronco Pipe Saddles

MM Kembla Bronco Pipe Saddles are an innovative, simpler and better way to install piping systems. Its design and construction provides optimal support for insulated tube & pipe.