AIR Wholesalers carries a comprehensive range of Refrigeration / Air Conditioning Grade Copper Pipe and Insulation Products.

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Stylus Foil Tape

Aluminium Foil Tape

Our Reinforced Foil is an Aluminium Foil with a Reinforced scrim laminate. It has exceptional strength and good flexibility and a high bonding strength acrylic adhesive and when used in accordance with the manufacturers instructions,eliminates condensation forming on Duct work and Pipe work,thus providing an effective vapour seal –

K-Flex InsulationK-flex Closed Cell Insulation

K-Flex Pipe Insulation

K-Flex Insulation is a multi-purpose flexible elastomeric thermal insulation with a built in vapour barrier and a closed cell structure.

Insulated Pipe Blocks

Poly Pipe Insulation Ferrules

Closed cell, chemically cross-linked Polyolefin foam – High density 300 kg/m3 (high compressive strength) – 50mm long to increase taping space outside the clip- Available in all pipe diameters and all wall thicknesses.

Thermobreak Pipe Insulation

Thermobreak Pipe Insulation

Thermobreak® tube products are ideal for and are extensively used in pipe lagging applications.