AIR Wholesalers has a comprehensive range of Open Compressors for new and replacement applications.

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Bitzer 0-VII Series Reciprocating Compressor

This series of models has proven itself worldwide over the decades. Thanks to constant developments and the use of high-quality materials, it is once again an international benchmark of quality.

GEA Bock F Series Compressor

GEA Bock F Compressor Range

The F model series provides modern open type compressors for separate drive systems (using V belts or direct couplings). Load transfer through a V pair.

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GEA Bock FDK Compressor Units

GEA Bock FDK Compressor Units & Spares

Compressor with shaft clutch for direct drive mounted on a profile base frame. Force transmission from the motor to the compressor is by an elastic shaft clutch. ICE standard motors IM B3 are used as drive motors (option).

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GEA Bock FK Series Compressor

GEA Bock FK Compressor Range

GEA Bock vehicle compressors of the FK range are the result of many years of experience in the domain of mobile cooling systems.

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