AIR Wholesalers carries a comprehensive range of Refrigeration Digital Cold/Freezer Room Thermostat Controls.

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Carel PJEZ CoolCarel PJEZ Freeze

Carel PJEZ Digital Controls

easy cool & easy freeze electronic controllers for plug-in showcases and cabinets.

easy cool & freeze: the new easy range digital controllers conceived and designed for installers.

Dixell COOLMATE XLR130 & XLR170

Dixell Coolmate Digital Temperature Controls

Models are microprocessor based controller, suitable for applications on medium or low temperature refrigerating units.

Evco ev3b Digital Controller

Evco EV3B Digital Thermostats

EV3B is a range of elegantly designed basic controllers for the management of bottle coolers, refrigerated cabinets, tables, pizza counters and Freezers.

Full Gauge MT530e-super

Full Gauge MT530E Super Temp/Humidity Control

Three outputs: one for temperature control, another for humidity control, and a third one for auxiliary purposes, which may operate as a second stage for temperature control, humidity control, alarm, or cyclic timer.

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Full Gauge MT543RiLOG 3 Stage Electronic Control

The MT-543RiLOG controller has three stages that can be applied to refrigeration or heating: the first stage, together with the second stage, works in systems that require minimum ventilation; the second one works as a cyclical timer; the third one works as an alarm.

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Full Gauge TC900E2HP Low Temperature Electronic Control

Besides the normal refrigeration set point, the temperature control also has advanced functions like the economical set point, which reduces the energy consumption; fast freezing, which speeds up the refrigeration / freezing process; and smart defreezing, which executes the defreezing automatically when the refrigeration system requires.

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Phasefale JouleTempPhasefale-JouleTemp-Graph

Phasefale JouleTemp Cold Room Control

Full cool room control, alarm and monitoring functions in a standalone control with ethernet communications via your computer’s web browser. Includes 2 stages of cooling (with defrost), 2 stages of heating plus humidity control.

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Phasefale-TACMPhasefale Panel Mount rear

Phasefale TACmv2 Med/Low Temperature Room Control

A cost-efficient stand-alone controller, TACmv2 is full featured and user friendly. Temperature control, Alarm monitoring & Controls refrigeration cycle.

Ranco ETC Digital Themostat

Ranco ETC Series Electronic Temperature Controls

The Ranco® ETC Series Electronic Temperature Control offers a full-featured electronic replacement for electrical-mechanical temperature controls used in many commercial refrigeration applications.