AIR Wholesalers has a comprehensive range of Electrical Component Spares.

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AKO Compressor Crankcase Heaters

AKO Compressor Crankcase Heaters

Universal resistance for hermetic compressors. They prevent the refrigerant absorbing oil and are suitable for any type of compressor in a cylindrical or oval shape, boiler or tank.

ICM492 Single Phase Monitor

ICM Single Phase Digital Line Voltage Monitor

Reliable protection of single phase systems against adverse line voltage conditions. Constantly monitors and displays line voltage. Protects against Over and Under voltage, and Rapid Short Cycling caused by Transient Faults and Power Interruptions.

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ICM450 Three Phase Monitor

ICM Three Phase Digital Line Voltage Monitor

The ICM450 was specifically designed to protect motors and other 3-phase loads from premature failure and damage due to common voltage faults such as voltage unbalance, over/under voltage, phase loss, reversal, incorrect sequencing and rapid short cycling.

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IP66 Isolator

Isolation Switches – IP66

The UFK Series of Weather protected isolating switches is a robust range of Switches suitable for virtually any external application.

CABAC HD UV Cable Ties

Nylon Heavy Duty UV Cable Ties

Made from Polyamide 6,6, Halogen Free Cable Tie, HEAVY DUTY Head/pawl integrally moulded for added strengthSmooth round edges, safe and will not cut insulation, UV stabilised for outdoor use

QwikLug Compressor Terminal Repair Kit

QwikLug Compressor Terminal Repair Kit

Patented QwikLug™ easily attaches to damaged or corroded spade connectors, quickly and easily solving the problem of a compressor with pitted or severely corroded spade terminals.