AIR Wholesalers has a comprehensive range of (ESM) Energy Saving Fan Motors.

Brands include:

  • ebm-papst
  • Unada

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EBM Energy Saving Motor Programmer

EBM Energy Saving Motor Programmer

Makes quick work of programming the two ESM selectable operating speeds. Eliminates the need for a personal computer, software, power adapter and 2nd cable. Good for production line or field service use.

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EBM Energy Saving Motor Range

The energy-saving motor (ESM) are in demand for many applications today. This especially applies to devices with a high duty cycle, such as air-conditioning and refrigeration systems.

EBM iQ Fan Motors

The iQ motor has been designed as a high efficiency replacement for the existing Q-motors currently used in many different applications.

Henry EQ1 Ec Fan Motor

Henry EQ1 Series EC Fan Motors

Muti-mount – Saves up to 75% energy use when replacing Shaded Pole type – Operating temperature range -30 to +50°C – Maintenance free ball bearings ensure long service life – Power lead 1 meter – Mounts nuts, washers & screws provided – Class II insulation – Protection class IP65

Unada UC+ 0-25w Fan MotorUnada UC+ Motor

Unada UC+ 0-25w Fan Motors

The only true drop-in replacement: High efficiency EC fan motor – Fully programmable 230Vac, 50/60Hz, IP55, CCW

Zeih-Abegg FE2owlet ECQ Fan

Ziehl-Abegg FE2owlet-ECQ Series Axial Fans

Optimised for the food refrigeration sector, these small EC fans provide high levels of efficiency with very quiet operation. 3 programmable speeds allow for a wide application area in a huge variety of end devices.

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