AIR Wholesalers has a range of Carbon Dioxide (C02) Detectors & Alarms

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Air-Met ZyAura_CO2-Monitor_Carbon-Dioxide_ZGa21ZyAura_CO2_Monitor_Carbon_Dioxide_ZGa21_package

AyAura CO2/O2 Monitor

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is measure for the quality of air in interiors, the comfortable indoor environmental quality can make people feel fresh, work efficiency and good for the health.

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Monotox Infrared / Electrochemical Gas Detector

Monotox®IR & TX gas detectors offer accurate, gas specific detection of Carbon Dioxide, Carbon Monoxide, Oxygen, SF6 and range of HFC and HFO refrigerants.

SMART3-H Gas Detector

SMART3-H Gas Detector

The SMART3-H gas detectors have been designed to offer cost effective solutions ideal for non-classified areas with Hi-Tech professional features.

Tongdy HVAC CO2 detector

Tondgy CO2 Carbon Dioxide Detectors

Designed for real-time monitoring of environmental CO2 concentrations and temperature and humidity.