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EDC Inverter Phase CheckerEDC Inverter Phase Checker - Cables

EDC Inverter Phase Check Module

It’s the perfect low cost answer to a Contractor’s problems when an inverter-controlled air-conditioner fails. The difficulty is always to know whether it is the compressor or the inverter which is giving trouble – and the Inverter Phase Check Module can help to tell you which is faulty.

Imperial Hermeti-Check 2001

Imperial Hermeti-Check 2001 

Hermeti-Check tests all single phase compressors up to 5 HP, 110, 220 or 277 volts. Tied-up compressors may be freed by reversing motor rotations.

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Imperial Quik-Start 2601

Imperial Quik-Start

Hermeti-Check tests all single phase compressors up to 5 HP, 110, 220 or 277 volts. A troubleshooting aid for determining whether fault lies with compressor or component parts.

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Testo 745 Voltage Tester

Testo 745 Non-Contact Voltage Tester

The testo 745 non-contact voltage tester with a voltage range of up to 1,000 V is particularly well-suited to fast initial checking of any suspected fault sources. When the presence of voltage is determined, the testo 745 gives a warning via a clear visual and acoustic signal.

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Testo 750 Voltage Tester

Testo 750 Voltage Tester Range

Testo 750 voltage tester family are the first instruments with an all-round LED display. The display can be seen from any position and guarantees an ideal voltage indication thanks to its unique fibre optics.

Testo 755 Current Voltage Tester

Testo 755 Current / Voltage Tester Range

Testo 755 current/voltage tester family are the first of their kind: voltage testers which meet the latest standard and which can also measure current. This means they are suitable for virtually all daily electrical measuring tasks.

Testo 760 Multi MeterTesto Clamp Meter Adaptor

Testo 760 Series True-RMS Multi Meters

Incorrect settings are now impossible, because the measurement parameters are detected automatically

Testo 770 Clamp MeterTesto 770 Clamp Meter

Testo 770 Clamp Meter Range

Testo 770 clamp meter family are ideally suited for current measurement in switching cabinets. One of the two pincer arms can be fully retracted into the instrument.

TPI 183a True RMS Digital Multi-meter

TPI 183a True RMS Digital Multi-meter

The 183A is a hand-held auto ranging DMM. The 183A measures ACV, DCV, ACA, DCA, Resistance, Frequency, Duty Cycle, Diodes, Capacitance, Temperature and Continuity.

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