AIR Wholesalers has ranges of Trade Tools.

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BVA Tel-spout oiler


BVA TEL-SPOUT OILER is a new way to get at hard to reach locations not easily reached with conventional oiling devices.

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Capillary Cutter

The sturdy design or our capillary tube cutter results in no collapsing of the tube which leaves you with a clean cut.

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Gallo GunGallo Gun C02 Cartridges

Gallo Gun Condensate Drain Cleaner

Gallo gun packs cleaning power into a small, lightweight package. Prevents the need to carry air or nitrogen cylinders for flushing blocked drains.

Hydrocell 17lt Washer

Hydrocell 17lt Pressure Washer

Hydrocell 17Litre pressure washer with built in battery pack, allowing for use of up to 5 tanks of water.

Hydrocell 17lt Washer

Hydrocell Pressure Washer Spares

AIR Wholesalers carry the full range of spares for the Hydrocell modele. 15lt, 17lt & 20lt washers

Mighty Pump

Mighty Drain Pump

Using the Mighty Pump is the easy way to clear blocked A/C condensate drain lines without nitrogen, gas cartridges or electricity. Quickly clears slime, mould and dirt plugs out of primary and secondary drain lines.

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