AIR Wholesalers has a range of C02 Refrigerant Leak Detection Tools.

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Gas Control Spray

Gas Control Leak Detector Spray

GAS CONTROL is a technologically advanced gas leakage detection spray, designed to test the hermetic sealing of any type of gas system.

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Nu-Calgon Cal Blue Plus Gas Leak Detector

Leak Detector – Nu-Calgon – Cal Blue Plus

Cal-Blue products are the complete gas leak detector. Not only do they detect the smallest leak, they also provides other significant benefits.

Testo 440 CO2 KitTesto 440 CO2-probe-with-Bluetooth-incl-temperature-and-humidity-sensor

Testo 440 CO₂ Kit

Measure CO2 concentration, humidity and air temperature and to evaluate the indoor air quality in offices, production areas or storage facilities

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Testo Saveris 2 Wi-Fi Data Loggers

The testo Saveris 2 WiFi data logger system is the modern solution for monitoring temperature and humidity values as well as CO2 concentration in storerooms and work rooms.