AIR Wholesalers as a range of N2 Trace Gas Leak Detection Products.

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Bacharach Informant 2 Leak Detector

Bacharach Informant®2 Leak Detector

The Informant®2 is a uniquely flexible leak detector designed for residential and commercial heating and cooling contractors.  It’s the only dual-purpose leak detector that can be switched from refrigerants to combustible gases (and back again) in seconds.

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Gas Control Spray

Gas Control Leak Detector Spray

GAS CONTROL is a technologically advanced gas leakage detection spray, designed to test the hermetic sealing of any type of gas system.

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Nu-Calgon Cal Blue Plus Gas Leak Detector

Leak Detector – Nu-Calgon – Cal Blue Plus

Cal-Blue products are the complete gas leak detector. Not only do they detect the smallest leak, they also provides other significant benefits.

Tesuco LeakXpose Trace Gas

LeakXpose Leak Detector Gas

LeakXpose™ in disposable gas cylinders is the most efficient and cost effective way to detect leaks in HVAC-R systems.

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