AIR Wholesalers has a comprehensive range of Vacuum Pumps.

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Appion TEZ Vacuum Pump

Appion TEZ8 Vacuum Pump

Faster Evacuation Made Simple. Designed from the ground up to make AC/R system evacuations easier and faster than ever before

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CPS VPC2S Vacuum Pump

CPS Cordless Vacuum Pump

Blackmax® Cordless Vacuum Pump, brought to you by CPS. This lightweight, portable cordless pump is ideal for small A/C installs, small commercial service and install, domestic, automotive and on sites where power supply is an issue.

CPS VPS Ignition Proof Vacuum Pumps

CPS Sparkless Vacuum Pumps

CPS introduces another addition to the Pro-Set vacuum pump line-up with the VPS series. An efficient, lightweight and reliable vacuum pump, that meets ANSI ignition proof standards.

CPS VP Dual Stage Vacuum Pumps

CPS Vacuum Pumps

Pro-Set Premium Series vacuum pumps are offered in single and dual stage units with versatile voltage and HP motor options.

JB DV-E Series Vacuum Pumps

JB DV-E Series Vacuum Pumps

The JB Industries DV-E Series Vacuum Pumps have been factory tested to guarantee 25 micron or better & listed LPM performance.

JB Platinum Series Vacuum Pump

JB Platinum Series Vacuum Pumps

Designed for the serious air conditioning and refrigeration technician, the Platinum® vacuum pump features a gas ballast and blank off valve.

Yellow Jacket Bullet Series Vacuum Pump

Yellow Jacket Bullet Series Vacuum Pumps

The BULLET pulls down to 25 microns or better, protecting from contaminants and non- condensable gases in the HVAC system, which can damage components, reduce efficiency and cause system failure.

SuperEvac™ vacuum pump

Yellow Jacket SuperEvac Vacuum Pumps

Highly efficient, two-stage rotary vane oil-sealed pump field-rated at 15 microns or better. The lower the micron rating, the better the pump performance.

YJ YJII™ Vacuum Pump

Yellow Jacket YJII 4cfm Vacuum Pump

Designed specifically for HVAC/R applications, the YJII™ vacuum pump is a compact, lightweight, portable and affordable option for servicing small systems.

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