30/30® Pleated Cardboard Panel Filters

The 30/30® continues setting the quality standard for pleated, low-energy G4 panel filters.


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Pleated Panel Filters

The 30/30® Pleated Cardboard Panel Filters has been setting the standard for pleated, cardboard G4 panel filters for a long time. The product has a very low pressure drop throughout its lifetime and is consequently a very low-energy filter. For guaranteed G4 performance, 30/30® is the right choice.

30/30® Pleated Panel Filters Feature:

  • High mechanical strength
  • Fully supported media bonded onto a wire support grid
  • Rigid, water resistant cardboard frame
  • Large media surface
  • Unique radial pleat design
  • Media bonded into frame to eliminate air bypass

Application: Primary filter for medium efficiency applications.
Type: High performance disposable pleated panel filter.
Frame: Rigid water resistant cardboard.
Media: Mixture of cotton and synthetic fibre.
EN779:2012 filter class: G4.
ASHRAE 52.2:2007 filter class: MERV 8.
Recommended final pressure drop: 250 Pa.
Temperature: 70ºC maximum in continuous service.
Holding frames: Front and side access housings and frames are available, Type 8 and FC Housings.
Fire rating: UL 900.

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