Actron Classic Ducted Air Conditioners

Actron Classic Ducted Air Conditioners, is engineered to deliver better comfort with better control, to heat or cool your whole house, or just a few areas.

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Stay cool in summer and warm in winter. Live better all year round with Classic comfort control. ActronAir’s Classic ducted system is engineered to deliver better comfort with better control, to heat or cool your whole house, or just a few areas.

Furthermore, when you install Add On you can often use the same registers as your existing gas ducted system to provide thermostatically controlled cooling.

Features: Indoor Unit

Integrated zone card

All indoor units come with integrated zoning ready for up to 8 zones.

Efficient EC Inverter Indoor Fan

The Classic range uses a highly efficient EC Inverter indoor fan to deliver precise comfort control, smoother operation, and quieter starting and stopping.

Safety Drain Tray included as standard

Removes the need to purchase as an additional accessory.

Features: Outdoor Unit

Louvered Grille

The Advance’s powder coated louvered grille guard allows for better airflow and protection against Australia’s extreme weather conditions.

Coated Coil Protection

The Advance uses blue fin epoxy coated protection on its indoor and outdoor coils, which helps to reduce corrosion from the harsh Australian conditions, as well as assisting the defrosting process, thus improving heating efficiency.

3 speeds for wider and quieter operation

Our Classic system’s outdoor unit features a 3 speed fan that not only provides cooling in temperatures as low as +5°C, but also allows for quieter operation.

Feel better and save money with vertical discharge

In Australia, most outdoor units are installed down the side of the house, up close to a fence. And because we design our systems specifically to suit Australia, of our Australian-made ducted units come with vertical discharge which makes them much better suited to typical Australian homes, delivering better comfort, more reliability, and greater energy efficiency.

Engineered for Australia

Made with a superior operating range of -10°C to 50°C, the Classic ducted system is engineered to withstand the hottest and coldest conditions Australia can throw at it.

Higher Capacity

Classic continues to operate with 85% more capacity at 46°C than conventional inverter systems.

From zero to comfort – instantly

Unlike a conventional inverter, which can take between 5 and 10 minutes to get up to full capacity, Classic can get up to maximum capacity almost immediately – perfect for when you need to get comfy fast.


3 Phase

  • 22.35kW


  • Fixed Speed Scroll

Operating Range

  • From -10ºC up to 50ºC

The best warranty for total peace of mind.

  • All of our Australian-made ducted units and their controls come covered by a single 5 year warranty


Model: CRA230T/EVA230S

Capacity: 22.95kw Cooling / 22.30kw Heating

  • Refrigerant R410a
  • Power Supply: 3ph / 415V
  • Liquid Line:  12.70mm / Suction Line: (0-60m)

5 Year Parts and Labor Warranty

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