Air Con Mounting Blocks

Air Con Mounting Blocks, are designed for ground mounting air conditioners on a durable, sturdy base. Made from solid, 100% recycled plastic.

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Category: Ground / Roof Mounts

Plastic Forests Air Con Mounting Blocks are designed for ground mounting air conditioner compressors on a durable, sturdy base.

Made from solid, 100% recycled plastic, our air conditioner Mounting Blocks are not only great for the environment, but are also strong and virtually indestructible.

Perfect for most common split systems, they provide maximum airflow and water drainage to aid the longevity of the compressor unit. The plastic also helps absorb vibrations for quieter unit operation.

Plastic Forests Air Con Mounting Blocks are:

  • Extremely strong with the highest load rating in the industry – 5 to 13 tonnes per mounting block
  • Durable and solid – will not crack, collapse, chip or rust
  • Quick and simple to install, with no assembly required
  • Weatherproof and UV stabilised
  • 10-year warranty *
  • Impact-resistant and lightweight compared with concrete pads
  • Maintenance-free
  • Made in Australia from 100% recycled plastics, including REDcycle plastics and takeaway coffee cups from the Simply Cups recycling program 


  • Recyclable at end of life
  • Ideal for installing on level or uneven ground and flat deck roofs. May also be fixed to the ground if desired.

Our Mounting Blocks are so versatile. They may also be used for ground mounting generators, pool heaters, rainwater tanks, garden composters etc


  • 90mm (w) x 90mm (h) nom.
  • Standard lengths: 450mm and 600mm
  • Colour: Black

To install, simply place mounting block on stable ground in a capital I orientation. Fix unit to the center of each mounting block with a screw and washer suitable for an outdoor application (not included).

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