Aluminium Foil Tape

Aluminium Foil Tape is a method of eliminating condensation in line with duct and pipe work. The product has notable strength and flexibility when used correctly, creating an effective seal in any ducting or piping situation.


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Category: Ducting, Pipe Insulation

Pipe/Duct Foil Tape

Our reinforced Aluminium Foil Tape, is coated with scrim laminate to ensure strength and durability. It has exceptional strength and good flexibility due to the use of a high bonding strength acrylic adhesive. When used in accordance with the manufacturers instructions, this product eliminates condensation forming on Duct work and Pipe work, thus providing an effective vapour seal.

  • Aluminium Foil / Polyester Scrim Kraft Laminate
  • This structure provides high strength / flexibility
  • High bond acrylic adhesive

Application – in hot applications such as steam or hot pipes, heat leaks may adversely affect the pressure sensitive adhesive, so it is important that the surfaces to which the Tape is to be applied, are cleaned of any Oil. Dust Grease etc

When applying the Tape, ensure it flows into the contours of the surface to which it is being applied / laminated – do not stretch the Tape. Being a ” Pressure Sensitive ” adhesive, please ensure you rub the Tape down with a firm even pressure or squeegee or similar item to gain maximum adhesion.

Tesa Reinforced Aluminium Tape is high strength and bond fire retardant option and has been tested and certified to AS/NZS 1530.3 fire performance requirements with the following index scores:

  • Ignitability Index (0-20) 0
  • Spread of Flame Index 0
  • Heat Evolved Index 0
  • Smoke Developed Index 0-1

Available in:


  • 48mm W x 45m L
  • 60mm W x 45mm L
  • 72mm W x 50m L

Reinforced Acrylic:

  • 48mm W x 50m L
  • 72mm W x 50m L

Reinforced Hot Melt : – Packaging tape with a hot melt rubber adhesive has premium adhesion qualities that can be applied to paper and cardboard cartons in mild to hot temperature environments. hot melt adhesive is sometimes referred to as synthetic rubber adhesive, is not suitable for cold storage rooms and freezers under 15 degrees.

  • 48mm W x 50m L
  • 72mm W x 50m L

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