Anti-Vibration AV Pad

Anti-Vibration AV Pads applications include air conditioning and refrigeration applications, withstands severe operating conditions.

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Anti-Vibration AV Pads

The Big Foot Systems Anti-Vibration AV Pads offers isolation between the unit and Big Foot Frame, available in 6 sizes. The AV Pads are made of an anti-vibration core sandwiched between two corrugated anti-slip rubber layers.


Used for high speed machinery such as air conditioners and machine tool pumps.

AV Pads are used to reduce noise and vibration and to eliminate the need for bolting down. The flat configuration hardly elevates the machine to be isolated and in many cases this low cost method conveniently solves or prevents a problem that does not warrant the use of either rubber or spring mountings. As a general rule, pads are recommended to eliminate bolting, for minor vibration problems in upper stories or for ground floor and non critical applications.

Constructed to:

  • BS8000-4: Workmanship on building sites. Code of practice for waterproofing.
  • BS6229: Code of practice for flat roofs with continuously supported coverings.
  • Building Regulations (E & W) Part L: Conservation of Fuel and Power.
  • BS EN 1850-1: Determination of visible defects.
  • BS EN 1107-1: Flexible sheets for waterproofing. Determination of dimensional stability.
  • BS EN 60068-2-6:2008: Environmental vibration testing.

Material Specification:

  • Anti-slip rubber layers—styrene butadiene rubber
  • Anti-vibration core—polymeric foam with dampening material properties including ethyl vinyl acetate.
  • Vibro mats—Rubber crumb pads
  • Salt mist testing: BS EN 60068-2-52.

Marine Environment:

  • Salt mist test conducted in accordance with ASTM B117-11 to simulate an accelerated environmental test. The results validates the 10 year product guarantee issued by Big Foot Systems.

Working Conditions:

  • Suitable for internal or external applications in temperatures between -40oC to +80oC.

Roof Surface:

  • Suitable for any roof surface including but not limited to PVC membrane, mastic asphalt, insulation and concrete roof finishes.

Vibration Dampening Properties:

  • AV Pads are tested and rated for their dampening and vibration reduction properties.
  • Vibro Mats and AV Strips do not support vibration reduction properties.

Sizes Available:

Pt No. B6911 – 101mm2 x 22.3mm Thick

Pt No. B6912 – 152mm2 x 22.3mm Thick

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