Arctic Hayes Smoke Pen

Smoke pens are designed to be used for testing Ventilation systems, Vesda systems and Smoke detectors. They come complete with refills and have a hot cap which can be fitted after use to reduce the risk of burns.

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Category: Airflow Measurement

Pencil Thin Smoke-Stick Pens

Use for testing: ventilation, air balancing, smoke detectors, drafts, leakage and air flow.

A unique product to Arctic Hayes, our smoke-stick pens are the first product on the market offering a pencil-thin smoke pattern. Ideal for testing slight air-movement, gas spillage and mandatory CO spillage checks of boiler/case sills after fitting or re-fitting.

  • Providing up to 3 hours of controllable smoke
  • Unique product to Arctic Hayes
  • Up to 30 mins of smoke per stick
  • Non-corrosive, non-hazardous

Smoke Pen with 6 Replacement Wicks

Smoke Pen

Smoke-Pen MSDS

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