Aspen Edge 100kg Digital Charging Scales

Aspen Edge Charging Scales, is a welcome addition to Aspen’s range of refrigerant service tools. Can be used in conjunction with 3/4hp Recovery unit.

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Category: Weighing Scales
SKU: CS100

The Aspen Edge CS100 digital refrigerant charging scale is a welcome
addition to Aspen’s range of refrigerant service tools.

Commonly used for refrigerant charging, recovery and weighing of commercial and automotive air conditioning systems. The CS100 is highly accurate with 5gram resolution and an increased weighing capacity of 100kg.
A portable and light weight unit, the CS100 can be used while in its storage
case, or easily removed and placed on a flat surface for weighing refrigerant.
The weighing scale is compact, only 223mm x 223mm and the LCD display is easy to read.
An added feature on this unit includes a memory function. After 10 minutes of no use, the unit will automatically shut down to conserve power, but when the unit is turned back on; the last reading is displayed.

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