BBK Thumbscrew Flow Control Core Depressors

These thumbscrew core depressors are designed to be used on the end of a charging hose.

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Category: Hose Line Adapters
SKU: BBK Core Depressors

BBK Thumbscrew Core Depressors

These BBK Thumbscrew Core Depressors (No Loss Fitting) are designed to be used on the end of a charging hose.

When attached to an access fitting, they can depress the valve core and control the flow of gas.

This also means the core can be shut off before disconnecting, thus avoiding a gas burn on your hand.

The seals in each part have broad compatibility with all refrigerants.

Made in Japan.

Models Available:

Pt No. CPSA33000S – Thumb Screw Flow-Control Valve – (1/4″FSAE to 1/4″MSAE Gauge Line Port)

Pt No. CPSA44000S – Thumb Screw Flow-Control Valve (R410a) – (5/16″FSAE to 5/16″MSAE Gauge Line Port)

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