Black Diamond R410a Eccentric Cone Flaring Tool

Ultra-Lightweight aluminum body is 50% lighter than steel designs.

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Category: Tube Flaring Tools

Black Diamond R410a Flaring Tool is a Ultra-Lightweight Clutch-Type Eccentric Flaring Tool

Standard flare, it needs more surface for more area to seal against the flare fitting. This higher collar flare will work in all systems, not just R-410A.

The size of the flare is determined by how much tubing is pushed through the flare block, so if you’re using a tool like the Eccentric Cone Flaring Tool, be sure to check the manufacturer’s height requirements for R-410a.

Made of cast and precision machined aluminum, plus select components from rugged steel, offering a premium look with a premium finish in a lightweight, compact, professional, patented design.

Key Features:

  • Five quick change positions for flaring soft copper and aluminum tube
  • Aluminum body- 50% lighter  than  steel designs
  • Slide gauge sets tube at exact position
  • Eccentric cone forms precise 45° flared ends
  • For 1/4″, 3/7″, 1/2″, 5/8″ & 3/4″ O.D. tube
  • Built-in clutch prevents over-compression
  • Compact, professional, patented design

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