Bosch Automotive Charging Stations (R134a or R1234yf)

The NEW ACS range, Bosch makes the maintenance operations of the AC R134a and R1234yf systems easier and more efficient.

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The market potential for intelligent air conditioning service is therefore constantly increasing and is getting more and more important especially for hybrid and electrical vehicles. With its new Bosch Automotive Charging Stations, makes the maintenance operations of the AC R134a and R1234yf systems easier and more efficient.

Bosch Automotive Charging Stations product development has been driven by Bosch and its expertise of years in the aftermarket together with a deep and wide analysis of the customers experience using our ACS units. From high-end, full featured units to more
essential – with the right balance of performance and functionalities to cover all service tasks, the workshop is always equipped with the right ACS equipment.

Models Available:

ACS753 / ACS763 – Premium air conditioning service, Fully automatic service units for R1234yf or R134a air conditioning systems in passenger cars and commercial vehicles meet the highest demands.

ACS 763 and ACS 753 are compatible with hybrid air conditioning systems and are designed to provide time-saving professional service. They do not require manual valves, offer fully automatic service functions, high-performance components, leak detection and vacuum testing. Thanks to high-precision measurement technology and Deep Recovery function, which recovers up to 99 % of the refrigerant, professional and economical AC service is guaranteed. In conjunction with Bosch Connected Repair, service results can be sent quickly and conveniently to other devices.

ACS653 / ACS663 – Standard unit for highly efficient air conditioning service, The new standard in R1234yf and R134a air conditioning service units.

ACS 663 and ACS 653 combine service speed, operational flexibility, automation and connectivity – perfect for ensuring excellent maintenance and profitability for your workshop. Our Allrounders are ideal for workshops with medium to high workloads in air conditioning service. With high-precision measurement technology and fully automatic service, the units enable efficient, convenient maintenance on air conditioning
systems in passenger cars, commercial vehicles, hybrid or electric vehicles. The integrated deep recovery function ensures a recovery rate of up to 99 % – for maximum economy and more sustainability. Both units perform all the following tasks fully automatically and without manual intervention. With powerful components and the integrated vacuum test, they are designed to “save time”. With various retrofit kits, e.g. Wifi connection kit, refrigerant detection or leak detection kit N2/N2H2, ACS 663 and ACS 653
can be precisely adapted to individual workshop requirements.

ACS553 / ACS563 – The right choice for standard routines, The right choice for standard routines on R1234yf or R134a AC systems.

These units are well suited for smaller workshops with a low workload in air conditioning service or as a second unit during the peak season in spring and summer. With their high-precision measurement technology and fully automatic service, the units enable efficient service work.

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