Bristol HBP Hermetic Compressors

Bristol Compressors International continues to deliver environmentally conscious, energy-efficient products. The HBP Hermetic Compressor is no different, proving to be one of the most efficient, high-output air-conditioning and heat pump compressors in the market.

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Bristol Hermetic Compressors

In keeping with a commitment to deliver environmentally conscious, energy-efficient products, Bristol Compressors International, LLC offers a variety of ozone-friendly refrigerant compressors with fixed and variable frequency drive configurations. Offering Bristol HBP Hermetic Compressors!

Our high-output air conditioning and heat pump compressors feature:

  • Efficiency levels from 8.2 to 12.0 at ARI rating conditions.
  • Product capacities ranging from 9,000 to 287,400 BTU/H – the widest range of hermetic air conditioning compressors available from one source today.

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