Carel UltraCella Controls

Carel UltraCella Controls is a cold room front panel with 6 relays, USD data logging function and humidity management logic.

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Carel UltraCella Controls

Carel UltraCella Controls is a cold room front panel with 6 relays, USD data logging function and humidity management logic. It can be combined with up to 2 EVD modules for managing 2 EEVs, and/or power modules to increase power or manage three-phase loads.

I/O configuration:

  • 6 relay outputs (2HP compressor, 2HP defrost, 16A evaporator fans, 16A lights and 2 x 8A auxiliary relay outputs for additional functions);
  • 5 analogue inputs (3 x NTC / NTC HT / PT1000 + 1 x NTC / NTC HT / 0-10V + 1 x 4-20mA / 0-5Vrat);
  • 3 digital inputs;
  • 2 built-in RS485 serial lines: – BMS: CAREL protocol (Slave) for supervisors – Fieldbus: Modbus protocol (Master) for connection to EVD expansion module and/or remote 3ph panels;
  • Humidity reading and control by external CAREL humidifier.

UltraCella meets the needs of all cold room users, in all stages: from installation to commissioning for installers, everyday use for end users.

Installers can take advantage of these new features:

  • DIN rail for fast wall mounting;
  • More GND terminals available for probes and sensors, 230Vac relays for compressor, defrost and evaporator fans and large 7.5mm terminals;
  • 180° “fold out” controller opening.

Installers can reduce commissioning times thanks to:

  • Configuration via wizard, available on pGD1 Service (optional);
  • With UltraCella only, 10 different pre-set configurations are available as standard, for the main types of applications (CO2, double evaporator management, etc.);
  • Download/upload configurations via USB port

Daily use
Interaction with the electronic controller has never been so simple for end users, thanks to:

  • HACCP reports available via USB port in an easy-to-analyse CSV file;
  • Intuitive built-in HMI with large display and contextual help.

The powerful electronics and innovative mechanical architecture allow:

  • Seamless addition of new features (add-on and remote);
  • Just one main controller to manage all upgrade features;
  • Reduced stock management for customers;
  • An “open” platform that is ready for development of future features.

UltraCella and SmartCella share a modular platform. This is easily expandable and upgradable with additional contents thanks to the new modular mechanical concept.

A wide range of modules is available: up to 2 EVD modules that can drive 2 EEVs for independent management of 2 evaporators, and full three-phase load management.

HACCP – UltraCella is compliant with HACCP International for food safety – a first in Italy for this family of electronic devices for refrigeration equipment – guaranteeing its suitability to ensure the quality of preserved food.

EVD module is an add-on expansion module for installation alongside UltraCella or SmartCella. It is easy to assemble and connect, and allows energy savings through management of a CAREL EEV.

The display simplifies programming, meaning the controller can be started after selecting just a few parameters. Ultracap technology guarantees safe valve closure in the event of power failures, avoiding the need to install a solenoid valve.

UltraCella communicates with EVD Evolution via serial communication, for managing and configuring EVD directly from UltraCella.

Main functions:

  • superheat control with high pressure, low pressure and low superheat protection
  • guided commissioning procedure (selecting just 4 parameters, stand-alone module)
  • connection diagram shown on the display
  • removable graphic LCD, multi-language interface with online help for the parameters and SI or imperial units of measure
  • user management with password to access different configuration levels
  • copy parameter values to different EVD devices from the display
  • LEDs for monitoring the main parameters
  • use of low-power ratiometric pressure transducers with 4 to 20 mA output (these can be shared between several drivers)
  • second digital input for defrost management
  • possibility to use backup probes
  • Ultracap technology that assures safe valve closure in the event of power failures

Power module is an additional module used to expand the application range of the controller, such as increase load power management, drive three-phase loads or add protection devices, thanks to the modular mechanical concept, available for both UltraCella and SmartCella.

Power module 1PH is an add-on expansion module. It is easy to assembly and connect, and increases the potential of UltraCella and SmartCella in accordance with requested cooling capacity, defrost or fan power.
Single-phase version with protection via residual-current circuit breaker and an additional 3HP (30A) relay.

Power module 3PH is on the other hand the add-on expansion module for managing one or two three-phase loads, such as defrost heaters up to 11 kW and fans up to 4 kW.
Load protection is assured by a 4 pole circuit breaker (granting reliability and faster power supply restart) with the possibility to connect an auxiliary defrost thermostatic switch and Klixon for the evaporator fan. An additional fuse is provided to protect the UltraCella and SmartCella main power supply line.

Remote 3PH power module is an additional module that can expand the application range of the UltraCella controller by increasing load power management in three-phase applications, while assuring protection via circuit breakers, defrost thermostat and fan thermal protector.

Available in a version for management of three-phase evaporators with defrosts up to 20 kW and fans up to 4 kW, plus a version for complete management of a three-phase cold room with compressor up to 20 A.

Combined with the CAREL ExV series electronic expansion valves, the EVD Evolution drivers create an integrated control system that optimises evaporator operation and ensures high energy savings.

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