Clean Guard Mini-Split Cleaning Bag

Our air-conditioner maintenance cleaning bag is excellent for use on high wall ductless systems, made for cleaning indoor coils. With a quick and easy install process, the job can begin within seconds.

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Category: Coil Cleaners, Coil Cleaning & Treatment
SKU: Nu-Calgon Clean Guard

Air-Conditioner Cleaning Bag (Clean-Guard)

Clean-Guard Mini-Split Cleaning Bag, a professional Air-conditioner Maintenance Cleaning Bag, for use on High Wall systems.

  • For use when cleaning indoor coils with Nu-Calgon cleaners
  • Easiest install on the market – installs in seconds!
  • Durable braided elastic band with wheel lock adjusts in seconds for a desired fit
  • Heavy duty design
  • Eight-foot drain line for Clean Guard (XL). The Clean Guard CC uses a 10 foot drain line.
  • 360° coverage prevents over spray on wall
  • Reusable

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