CO2 Desktop Monitor – Mini 3 in 1 NDIR

CO2 Desktop Monitor, indoor Air Quality is a measure of the quality of air in interiors. Carbon dioxide monitor for the home, school, office, restaurant, etc.

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CO2 Desktop Monitor – Mini 3 in 1 NDIR

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) is a measure of the quality of air in interiors. Carbon dioxide monitor for the home, school classroom, office, restaurant, fitness Centre.

Comfortable indoor environmental quality can make people feel better, more efficient and is good for your health. CO2 concentration is a key factor of good air quality. People breathe in oxygen and breathe out CO2, nowadays people often close the window to avoid noise and enjoy the improved living and working environment provided by air-conditioning systems, which may result in the indoor concentration of CO2 being higher than outdoor average. With elevated CO2 concentrations and poor ventilation, people may feel headaches, dull, drowsiness, loss of concentration and may also lead to high levels of dust, chemicals and bacteria in the air.

Indoor air quality monitor features

  • Dual Beam (NDIR) (Non-Dispersive-Infrared) technology is being used to measure CO2 concentration and improve the long-term air stability
  • The large LCD clearly displays CO2, temperature, relative humidity and real-time clock
  • 3-colour backlight displays indicate the status of current CO2 concentration
  • History with 3 emoticons indicate the status of CO2 records up to 24 hours
  • ECO saving power function darkens the LCD backlight (22:00pm to 6:00am)

CO2 specifications

Measurement range 0-9, 999ppm
Accuracy 0-3,000ppm: #100ppm or #7% of reading, whichever is greater; over 3000ppm: #10%
Display resolution 1ppm
Warm-up time 10 sec
Response time about 1 min

Temperature specification

Temperature range 0℃ – 50℃
Accuracy #1℃
Display resolution 0.1℃

RH specification

Measurement range 0%-99%RH
Accuracy #3%@25℃ (20% RH-80%RH), other 5%
Display resolution 1%RH

Operating conditions

Humidity range 0-95% RH non-condensing 0%-99%
Storage conditions -20℃-60℃

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