CoilJet 200E Pressure Cleaner

The CoilJet 200e Pressure Cleaner is designed with stronger pressure – offering up to 220 PSI to quickly and efficiently clean coils without damaging sensitive fins. Reliable and compact in size, this is a great tool for HVAC maintenance. Created to make your job easier!

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Category: Coil Cleaning & Treatment, Hand Tools
SKU: SC-CJ-200E-AU, SC-8945-0-DEG-FLEX, SC-8945-0-DEG-FW12, SC-8945-24, SC-CJ-9656

Coil Pressure Cleaner

CoilJet 200E Pressure Cleaner is compact, easy-to-use and cleans HVAC coils fast. Its integrated chemical tank and continuous water supply option makes any outdoor coil maintenance task a breeze. Perfect for cleaning coils on rooftop units and evaporators, condenser coils and refrigeration coils. For best results, use SpeedyFoam®, our advanced, biodegradable foaming coil cleaner that works safely and effectively on coils.

CJ-200E is designed with more pressure – offering up to 220 PSI to quickly clean coils without damaging sensitive fins. The extra cleaning pressure, portability and continuous water option make this a great addition to the CoilJet-125 model. Plus, it’s compatible with all CoilJet Accessories, offering better customization to satisfy all your cleaning needs.

Includes: CoilJet CJ-200E-AU System, 15m Power Cord, 2 x standard spray nozzles, Heavy Duty Shoulder Strap and Manual.


Pt No. SCCJ-200E-AU
Dimensions: 48,3 cm x 25,4 cm x 45,7 cm
Weight: net dry 10 kg; 23,6 kg chemical & water
Capacity: 12.5lt Water ; 1.6lt Chemical
Output Pressure: Positive displacement diaphragm 220 PSI (13.8 BAR)
Output Water Flow: 1.5lpm – 4.1ltm
Input Power: 240v
Warranty: 1 Year


Pt No. SC-8945-24 – 600mm Spray Wand 90° Tip: Fits through the top of most condensers to blast dirt from the inside out.

Pt No. SC-8945-0-DEG-FW12- 300mm Flexible Spray Wand Straight Tip

Pt No. SC-8945-0-DEG-FLEX – 600mm Flexible Spray Wand Straight Tip

Pt No. SC-CJ-MSB-ACC-KIT – CoilJet Mini-Split Accessory Kit: Includes: 60.9cm wand with 90º spray head, 30.4cm flexible wand with spray and 25º fan-spray nozzle.

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