Compressor Crankcase Heater

Universal resistance for hermetic compressors. They prevent the refrigerant absorbing oil and are suitable for any type of compressor in a cylindrical or oval shape, boiler or tank.

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The Compressor CrankCase Heater (CCH) is a fast, easy and effective way to extend refrigeration compressor life.

It overcomes one of the leading causes of compressor burnout by keeping the crankcase oil warm enough to work effectively. Since it is self regulating, it also prevents the oil from becoming too warm.

CCH incorporates a self regulating core that controls its heat without the use of a thermostat. Over heating is avoided by reducing the power output in accordance
with changes in ambient temperature. CCH is jacketed with a thermoplastic sheath that resists abrasion and the effects of most chemicals. Each unit is completely self contained meaning less wasted time and materials occur during installation.


  • Prevent coolant migrating to the compressor during stop cycles
  • Minimise absorption of the coolant by the oil.


  • During the compressor stop cycles, the coolant tends to move to the coldest point of the facility. If that point is the compressor ,the coolant might build up in the crankcase and mix with the oil.
  • When the compressor is started again, the pressure in the crankcase drops quickly, which makes the coolant (mixed with the oil) expand, making the oil literally “boil” creating a foam that can be sucked in by the compressor and it has not been designed for that function. This causes serious damage to valves, pistons, joints, etc.
  • This migration might get worse depending on different factors such as the coolant load, the type of oil used, the length of the stop cycles or the difference in temperature between the crankcase of the compressor and the rest of the facility, among others.
  • When the compressor is equipped with the sump heater, the crankcase will be always kept at a temperature high enough to keep the coolant away from it.

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