Air-Conditioner Condensecure® Outdoor Unit Security Cages

Secure and unlock-able Air Conditioner and Refrigeration unit cages for outdoor exposure scenarios. Made to sustain potential animal damage or vandalism to the unit.

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AC Outdoor Security Cage

AIR Wholesalers offers a range of AC Outdoor Unit Security Cages, these can also be used in refrigeration scenarios.

The AC Outdoor Unit Security Cages, Feature:

  • Floor/Ground or Wall mount options available.
  • 25mm2 or 50mm2 Mesh Hot Dipped Galvanized.
  • Standard Cages are Front Access.
    • Available with
    • Side Door
    • Wall Mount open Bottom
    • Wall Mount including bottom panel
    • Floor/Ground Mount fully enclosed

Standard Sizes include:

  • 900mm(H) x 1000mm(W) x 600mm(D)
  • 1000mm(H) x 1200mm(W) x 600mm(D)
  • 1200mm(H) x 1200mm(W) x 600mm(D)
  • 1400mm(H) x 1200mm(W) x 600mm(D)
  • 1600mm(H) x 1200mm(W) x 600mm(D)

Custom size cages are made to order!

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