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Copeland Scroll™ compressors are the new favourite in commercial refrigeration. With unarguable reliability, these compressors are fantastic for use in supermarket, food service and healthcare applications.

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AIR Wholesalers offers a comprehensive range of Copeland Scroll Compressors.

Because of their unmatched reliability, Copeland Scroll™ compressors are being used more and more in commercial refrigeration as contractors and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) seek new ways to utilize the technology in supermarket, food service and healthcare applications.

Approximately 35 percent of the electrical energy consumed each year in the United States is used by HVACR systems. Compressors make up a vast majority of the energy used in air conditioning and refrigeration systems. That means compressor selection is key to improving the overall efficiency of HVACR systems. The inherent design of Copeland Scroll compressors makes them a preferred choice for more energy-efficient systems. In fact, Copeland Scroll compressors play a key role in helping the industry throught major transitions like the 1992 move to a 10 SEER standard and the industry’s shift in 2006 to a 13 SEER minimum. As the industry prepares for another regulatory change – this time the phaseout of R-22 refrigerants in favor of the more environmentally friendly R-410A – it will benefit from the versatility and efficiency of scroll compressor technology.

As the industry transitions from R-22 refrigerants to the more environmentally friendly R-410A, a surprising event has occured. Adoption is taking place faster than anticipated. In fact, the market is already 50 percent higher in R-410A than expected. With nearly 10 million Copeland Scroll R-410A compressors installed worldwide, we have the industry’s broadest line of environmentally friendly R-410A compressors.

Copeland Scroll compressors are known for their reliability. What makes them so reliable? Patented design features including:

  • 70 percent fewer moving parts
  • Ability to start under any system load, without start components
  • Compact, light-weight design
  • No complex internal suction and discharge valves for quieter operation and higher reliability

Models Available:

  • ZB Series –  Medium Temperature Refrigeration – 1ph & 3ph – R404a & R134a
  • ZP Series –  Air-conditioning – 1ph & 3ph – R410a
  • ZR Series –  Air-conditioning – 1ph & 3ph – R22 & R407c
  • ZS Series –  Low Temperature Refrigeration – 1ph & 3ph – R404a

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