CPS ABM-100 Airflow Balancing Annamometer

Airflow Balancing Meter is an anemometer that fits in your pocket,easily and instantly converts air speed into air volume for You.

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Category: Airflow Measurement

Quick and Easy Air Volume Readings

A compact, portable anemometer that, when plugged into a smartphone or tablet running the latest CPS Link app, captures airspeed values from air supply or air return vents in residential or commercial buildings and converts these values into air volume readings.

Ensure you have the right tools for the job. The ABM-100 Portable Airflow Meter from CPS Products includes:

  • Accurately measures airflow in: Linear feet per minute, cubic feet per minute, cubic meters per hour, linear meters per second
  • Portable tool fits in your pocket
  • Easy to use — no math or formulas to remember
  • Automatically generates and emails detailed reports
  • Rugged, eco-friendly packaging serves as a reusable storage case

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