CPS Blackmax R290 & R600a 2 Valve Service Manifold Sets

Anodized aluminium block body with Triple Seal™ piston valves, 68mm gauges, extra access port with Schrader® valve, hanging hook and hose set.

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Category: Service Manifolds - Analogue

CPS Blackmax R290 & R600a 2 Valve Service Manifold Sets

Blackmax Hydrocarbon Manifold Set, piston series 2 valve anodized aluminium block body with 45° fittings, Triple Seal™ piston valves, 2 ½” (68mm) Class 1.6 accuracy gauges, extra access port in center of manifold with Schrader® valve and hanging hook.


  • Hydrocarbon Compatible R290, R600a Non-Flutter Gauges
  • Designed with rugged metal housing
  • 2 ½” (68 mm) class 1.6 accuracy gauges, front calibration access port
  • Two valve anodized aluminum black body
  • Triple Seal™ piston valves
    • 3 Super Neoprene o-ring design
    • Back-seating o-ring seals valve nut when fully open
    • Floating nylon sealing disk
    • Valve stems retract fully to provide maximum flow
    • Mirror like port finish for smooth valve movement
  • 1/4″ x 45° fittings
  • Sure grip rubber over metal valve handles
  • Protective gauge boots
  • Extra access port in center with Schrader valve and hanging hook
  • Hose Type: 36″ x 1/4″ – 3 Hose Set
  • Warranty: 1 year

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