CPS Refrigerant Management System

CPS Refrigerant Management System proudly presents the latest in ease and endurance with its FX Series line of Refrigerant Management Systems. Designed to efficiently and quickly monitor filter life and refrigerant usage. The built-in wheels makes this system easy to manoeuvre wherever needed.

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Refrigerant Management System

CPS Automotive proudly presents the latest in ease and endurance with its FX Series CPS Refrigerant Management System that quickly and efficiently recover, recycle, and recharge automotive AC systems.

The CPS FX Series Refrigerant Management Systems are designed to revolutionize A/C equipment ease and endurance. From the seven inch 256 colour touch screen display, to the patented and patent-pending oil-less compressor and motorised ball valves, we are confident the FX Series equipment will quickly impress you with its ease of use and superior functionality.

Key Features

  • 7” Colour touch screen control panel
  • Patented motor-controlled ball valves
  • Patented oil-less compressor
  • 1-2-5 Warranty
  • All new ergonomic design
  • Foam-filled wheels
  • Displays maximum load up to 220 lbs. (up to 100 kg)
  • Refrigerant Management System monitors filter life and refrigerant usage
  • Certified to meet SAE J3030 for use in R134a and R1234yf systems
  • Hybrid compatible
  • Patented unique, fast and complete refrigerant changeover system
  • Supports multiple languages/UOM
  • Quickly access all functions from the main screen
  • Car Health’ Mode enables printing a snap-shot of pressures before and after service
  • Dual handle bars/hose drapes

2/3 HP Oilless Compressor

  • Designed and built by CPS for high capacity commercial applications
  • Eliminates failure issues due to improper oil filling of traditional compressors

Motor-Controlled Ball Valves

  • Opens wider for greater flow
  • Resistant to clogging of debris or sealants


  • Thermal printer standard on all models
  • Vehicle database (included). Refrigerant and oil charging data
  • 50 lb recovery tank (two with FX3030)
  • Recovery rate = Up to 1 lb/min
  • 6 CFM vacuum pump/ 10 micron rated
  • 3.5” gauges
  • 3m power cord


  • CPSFX3030A – with Inbuilt Refrigerant Identifier
  • CPSFX3030WA – without Inbuilt Refrigerant Identifier

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