CRH Pressure Relief Vent

The CRH-1000LV low voltage pressure relief valve 15 suitable for 150mm – 250mm wall panel thickness.

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CRH Pressure Relief Vent – 150mm – 250mm Panel

The walls of a cold room are constantly subjected to strains caused by pressure variations, either from inside or outside the room.

Pressure Relief Vent make it possible to balance internal and external pressures through venting.

Internal Pressures: Atmospheric pressure, defrosting of evaporators, loading of goods and extended opening of doors create WARMING of the air and hence OVER PRESSURE. This can cause violent opening of the doors or yielding of the walls.

Likewise COOLING DOWN of the air in the room will result in UNDER PRESSURE and possibly collapse the walls. E.g. a rise or fall of temperature by 1 degree creates a pressure of about 40kg/m2 for a 100m2 ceiling is an evenly distributed load of 4 metric tons.

External Pressures: Another factor to be considered is atmospheric pressure. Changes in weather may cause pressure variations acting on the outside of walls, with the same drawback as internal pressures

  • The valve is supplied with 2 x grille covers.
  • This Pressure Relief Vent is suitable for panel thicknesses between 150mm – 250mm and can be fitted to the wall or ceiling of the room.

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