Danfoss LBP Hermetic Compressers – R404a

Danfoss offers the broadest range of light commercial refrigeration compressors to the market. Compressors for low, medium and high temperatures.

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Danfoss LBP Hermetic Compressors – R404a

Danfoss offers the broadest range of light commercial refrigeration compressors to the market.

With Danfoss light compressors for commercial refrigeration BD, PL, TL, DL, NL, FR, SC, GS, D, U, L, P, X, S, Danfoss provides compressors tailored for applications in hotels, restaurants, catering, food and beverage, medical and lab equipment as well as Mobile & Telecom Cooling. They operate with several refrigerants including Hydrocarbons offering an environmentally friendly solution.

  • A wide range from 0.2 to 20 kW (up to 26 HP) dedicated to refrigeration applications
  • Qualification to latest refrigerants to comply with new regulations
  • Include scroll and reciprocating technologies
  • Models for AC and DC currents

The Green Cooling Ranges
The most extended range of compressors for sustainable refrigeration in terms of energy consumption reduction.
The advanced design of the Green Cooling Ranges allows efficiency improvement providing energy consumption reductions up to 45% compared to standard versions; consequently, lower CO2 emissions to the atmosphere.
The Green Cooling Ranges comprise High Efficiency, Natural Refrigerants and Variable Speed Compressors.

The Green Cooling range improves the compressor COP between 20% and 30% in comparison with standard ranges.

High Efficiency Ranges
The High Efficiency models reduce energy consumption of commercial refrigeration appliances between 10% and 30% with respect to standard ranges.

Most High-Efficiency models are equipped with electric motors, designed with the “optional run capacitor” concept, that is, the compressor can work with or without a running capacitor (CSR/CSIR), offering different levels of efficiency with the same compressor.

The new U range offers the highest level of efficiency with propane in the market today.

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