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Bar Grille Double Deflection is a modern, unobtrusive diffuser manufactured from aluminium extrusion with crimped and welded frames.

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Double Deflection Diffuser

The Double Deflection Grille Diffuser is designed for airflow distribution in wall applications. The grilles are constructed in aluminium and feature an adjustable horizontal front and vertical rear blades. This allows for accurate and personalised air distribution.

Double Deflection Grille Diffusers are a remarkable solution for efficient air distribution that seamlessly integrates into any space. These diffusers are crafted from high-quality aluminium extrusion, ensuring durability and longevity. The crimped and welded frames provide structural integrity, enhancing overall robustness of the diffuser.

A notable feature of Double Deflection Grille Diffusers is the option of a fixed or removable core. The fixed core design offers a sturdy and reliable airflow direction, while the removable core allows for easy access and maintenance. This versatility provides flexibility based on specific requirements and preferences.

The blades of the Double Deflection Grille Diffuser is skilfully designed in an aerofoil shape. This shape promotes efficient airflow with minimal noise and pressure performance. By optimising the aerodynamics of the diffuser, these grilles ensure an enhanced air distribution experience, resulting in a comfortable and balanced indoor environment.

As a standard offering, Double Deflection Grille Diffusers are finished with a white powder coating. This clean and neutral finish, in RAL9016, seamlessly blends into various interior design styles and colour schemes. However, for those seeking a different visual aesthetic, the diffusers can also be customised with a natural anodised finish.

These Diffusers are available in a range of stocked sizes to accommodate different ventilation needs. Additionally, non-standard sizes and colours can be requested, allowing for greater customisation to suit specific design requirements.

Double Deflection Grille Diffusers are a reliable and aesthetically pleasing choice for achieving efficient air distribution in any space.

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