EBM-Papst AC/EC Backward Curved Centrifugal Fans

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Category: Fan Motor Assemblies

EBM-Papst AC/EC Backward Curved Centrifugal Fans

The air intake of a radial fan runs in parallel with the shaft. The air flow is then diverted by 90° in the impeller and discharged in a centrifugal direction.

Backward curved fans have a free-running impeller and do not need a scroll housing. Backward curved fans are typically used for applications with medium air volume and medium to high back pressure. It is always recommended to use backward curved fans with inlet rings.

In contrast to backward curved fans, forward curved fans must have a scroll housing for optimum air flow. The housing can either have single inlet, meaning air intake only from one side, or double inlet, with air intake from 2 sides.

Due to the requirement of a housing and air direction, forward curved fans are often also called forward curved blowers

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