ECO Universal Flushing Solution

ECO Universal Flushing Solution, is used for internally cleaning all refrigeration or air conditioning system components or pipe work.

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ECO Universal Flushing Solution

ECO Universal Flushing Solution is used for internally cleaning all refrigeration or air conditioning system components or pipe work. It may also be used as a fluid for cleaning of parts by immersion. This product replaces toxic and environmentally unacceptable products such as HCFC 141B, CFC R11 and other commercial solvents. Also suitable for flushing auto trans coolers, hydraulic systems and other industrial flushing or cleaning applications.

Compatible with all refrigerants

Eco-Flush is compatible with modern O ring and seal materials. It is compatible with all refrigerants and lubricants commonly in use and has no effect on motor winding varnishes or hermetic assembly lacquers. As no residue is left inside the system after the system has been on high vacuum for one hour, no dilution of refrigerant oil can occur. There are, consequently, no residues to contaminate refrigerants.

Benefits & advantages

Eco-Flush is compatible with all refrigerants and commonly used lubricants, modern O Ring and Seal materials. Eco-Flush does not leave residue inside system, therefore preventing dilution of refrigerants and oils. Eco-Flush is simple and clean to use, particularly when applied with the ERG Flushmaster Kit. Flushmaster makes it possible to pressure flush parts and dry out circuits with dry nitrogen prior to reassembly.


Eco-Flush is a fast evaporating, light aliphatic petroleum fluid with specific additives. It is blended to a precise formula, which makes it a perfect flushing solvent suitable for all applications.

Flushing systems

Used 100% by volume under pressure through the heat exchangers and pipework of air conditioning or refrigeration plant with TX Valve, orifice, or Capillary bypassed, and with filter receiver drier removed. The compressor should be flushed separately to the rest of the system. Each of the above components should be isolated or replaced with flushing blocks.

Servicing plant by flushing

Usually required after compressor failure, system contamination through ingress of moisture, the use of incorrect lubricating oil, or the need to change from one lubricant to another if required by change of refrigerant type.

It should be noted that in the event of major service on refrigeration or air conditioning plant, the plant manufacturer may recommend flushing all components after a recommended number of hours or years of service. At which time, the manufacturer may require replacement filters, receivers, seals, bearings, valves or control components. The system manufacturer’s recommendations should always be considered.

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