Eidis Push-in Medium Temp Units

Medium temperature push-in packaged refrigeration unit, applications cool rooms, flower rooms, cold storage facilities.

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Category: Cold Room - Slide-in

Eidis Push-in Medium Temp Units

Outstanding Quality & Reliability Built in Australia to Perform in Australian Conditions.

  • Standard power requirement 220/240 volt 50/HZ.
  • Easily installed.
  • No skilled personnel needed on site.
  • Just place in a prepared hole.
  • Units are provided with electrical cable and 3 pin plug.
  • Reliable, safe operation.
  • Controls of conventional design, unaffected by voltage spikes.
  • Drop-In & Slide-In models have cross ambient temperature controls factory set 2°C to 3°C room temperature. PI Global model electonic controls, with LED display. Adjustable by user.
  • Dual pressure control with manual or auto reset on high cut out to protect against condenser airflow restriction on Drop-in and Slide-in Models.
  • Optional electronic digital controls can be supplied on unit if indicated at time of ordering.
  • Vibration free balanced external rotor fans.
  • Baseplate powder coated.
  • Moulded white a.b.s. insulated inner panel.
  • Evaporator casing, white powder coated aluminium.


  • Both heat exchange coils use rifle bore tubing.
  • Accurate metal pressing by C.N.C. Turret.
  • Compact construction minimising freight cost.
  • Bench tested before packaging.
  • Each system has an installation instruction sheet, a unit to coldroom sealing strip, electronic componentry usage instructions where required and a drawing showing cut out dimensions and positioning.
66/4PI Global13005 1/2R404A300mm733.8
68/4 Global19406.8 7/8R404A300mm734.1
88/4 Global228071 1/4R404A300mm746

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