Encapsulated HVAC Pressure Switches

Encapsulated HVAC Pressure Switches, used as a safety or control for the running pressures of a HVAC or other Refrigeration systems.

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HVAC Pressure Switches

The Encapsulated HVAC Pressure Switches LP and HP series of low and high pressure, are primarily protective devices used as a safety monitor to make sure the running pressures of a HVAC or other Refrigeration system are not outside of specification.

These encapsulated, non-adjustable, direct mount pressure controls typically used for low and high pressure cut-outs for OEM applications. This series are produced according to switch point requirements of customers. The small dimensions, weight and protection class makes this series applicable for use without the need of additional mounting brackets. They can be used for all non-corrosive refrigerants like R134a, R22, R32, R404, R410A and others.


  • Max Voltage 240V
  • 2.9 FLA – 10 LRA amp contact rating
  • Operating Temperature -35 to +120oC
  • Fly leads or 6.3 mm push on connectors
  • 1/4″ FSAE Screw on fitting (Schrader valve)
  • Auto reset

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