Firebreak R2.0 Flexible Ducting

Polyaire Firebreak Flexible Ducting is designed for durability and flexibility. Alike its smaller sized options, this ducting is a fantastic option for suitable related needs. The design and component make of this product allows for movement without difficulty, making your job easier.

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Firebreak R2.0 Ducting

Polyaire Firebreak R2.0 Flexible Ducting is manufactured from metalized Mylar and clear Mylar substrates, incorporating totally enclosed helically wound galvanised high tensile steel wire.

Firebreak R2.0 Flexible Ducting layers are bonded with a fire retardant adhesive to ensure long life in all ambient conditions. The insulation is a polyester thermal blanket manufactured to rigid standards.

  • Superior Insulation
    Thicker insulation greatly enhances duct performance and integrity.
  • Superior Performance
    The thick insulation and R2.0 rating. Provides significant reductions in heat loss/gain.
  • Superior Efficiency
    Far superior thermal characteristics than lower R rated flexible duct.
  • Superior Air Temperature Transference
    There is less fluctuation of air temperature through the duct which provides more even distribution of the conditioned air.
  • Superior Running Costs
    The superior performance and consistent air temperature delivery of the flexible duct reduces the load on the air conditioning unit which contributes to reduced running costs.

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