Fujin 5.5kw Portable Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner

Fujin 5.5kw Air Conditioners are a fantastic option for temporary heating and cooling needs. A reliable and efficient product for room comfort with zero need for non-standard power outlets, making its use much more versatile.

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Fujin 5.5kw Air Conditioner

Fujin 5.5kw Portable Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner units can produce up to 5.5kw of cooling and has a 5.1kw heating capacity, all that’s needed is a standard 240v – 10amp power outlet.

The Fujin 5.5kw Portable Reverse Cycle Air Conditioner Unit has a number of notable features, the overall design is made to make product transportation easier and use of product positively memorable.


  • Easily installed in just minutes
  • Suitable for a standard 10amp power outlet.
  • Hot & cold air ducts can be extended to suit different situations.
  • Removes dust & dehumidifies the air as it cools.
  • Suitable for most applications where temporary cooling is required.
  • Mounted on caster wheels for mobility
  • Makes partial cooling possible in industrial applications when cooling the entire room is not feasible
  • Condensed moisture is stored internally in an 11 litre tank that is easily removed for emptying

The control panel is easy to operate and is equipped with a self-diagnostic function that allows the operator to check the status of the unit easily.

Typical Uses for Portable Air Conditioning

  • Factory or workplace where cooling the entire room is not feasible and staff comfort is important to the production process, such as in food preparation.
  • Restaurant, to keep patrons cool when the normal air conditioning has failed or to keep the kitchen staff comfortable to while preparing food.
  • For supplying cool dry air into areas where there is not sufficient air flow or high humidity makes working difficult, such as welding operations inside a ship’s hull.
  • Computer server rooms for when the normal air conditioning is insufficient or not working
  • Offices
  • Hospitals
  • Home
  • Events (For cooling Marquees, they can be used for parties in temporary structures such as Marquees.)
  • Weddings (for cooling the bride as she prepares for her big day so she arrives at the alter cool and comfortable)
  • Trade Functions
  • For relief from the heat for injured and frail people, some examples are: babies, elderly visiting relatives, or accident/burn victims, recuperating at home.

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