Full Gauge MT512RiLOG Medium Temperature Electronic Control

Single 16amp relay output, for compressor control, combined with a cyclic timer. Built-in data logger that stores temperature readings and output status.

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Full Gauge MT512RiLOG Medium Temperature Electronic Control

It features a single relay output, for compressor control, combined with a cyclic timer for natural defrost.

The natural defrost can be forced or performed through an off-refrigeration cycle.

This model stands out for its data storage capability, thanks to the built-in data logger that store temperature readings and status of controller’s output at a user definable interval.

Also features RS-485 serial output for communication with Sitrad software.

Dimensions: 71x28x71mm

Application example: refrigerated trucks, walk-in and display coolers

Pt No.

DescriptionNumber of StagesTemperature RangeMaximum CurrentElectrical Rating

Electronic Medium Temperature DataLog
& Monitor Control


-50oC to 105oC

Comp 16amp

115/240v AC


Full Guage Control MT512RiLOG

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