Full Gauge PhaseLOG plus

Delivering electrical protection, the PhaseLOG plus is a device that monitors and protects single, dual phase or three phase electric appliances.

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Category: Electrical Motor Protection

Full Gauge PhaseLOG plus

Delivering protection in industrial, commercial, and residential applications, the PhaseLOG plus is a device that monitors and protects electric appliances in a single, double, or triple phase.

It has a built-in clock (RTC) and memory (data logger) enabling voltage data storage in user definable interval. It also monitors the quality of electricity supplied, thanks to its True RMS method.

Offering multi protection levels such as under and over voltage, angular asymmetry, modular asymmetry, missing phase, and wrong phase sequence, the PhaseLOG plus is recognized as one of the most reliable and efficient solution in power grid protection.

Through a serial communication port, users are able to remotely manage settings as well as creating graphic and text reports from the stored data, thanks to the innovative Sitrad software.

Dimensions: 71x28x71mm

Application example: Protection of Single, Dual & Three-phase electric equipment


Full Guage Control – PhaseLogplus

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