Gelclear HVAC&R Foaming Condensate Drain Cleaner

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Gelclear HVAC&R Foaming Condensate Drain Cleaner

A safe and easy alternative to caustic/acid/alkaline drain cleaners. Powerful biocidal foaming action kills biofilm forming bacteria in condensate drains. Non-hazardous formula makes it safe for the user, with no risk of burns or damage. Non-corrosive, safe to use on all the soft metals used in HVACR units. Safe for discharge into the watercourse, posing no environmental risks.

Simply, remove any excess water, and pour the granules directly into the trap, SLOWLY adding HOT water, allowing the foaming action to work on the blockage.

Phosphate and Phosphonate free, non-caustic, for total peace of mind.
Traditional cleaners for the condensate drains of chiller cabinets use caustic chemicals, which can cause all sorts of problems if the drains are run flat beneath the cabinet. The acid cleaner either sits in the drain or, worse, if a drain coil or pressure device is used, it risks dangerous splash back. In fact, the standard for drainage BSEN12056 states that acids should never be used in over ground drains for that very reason.
To eradicate these problems, the drainage specialists at Gel-Clear set out to create a non-hazardous drain cleaner. In fact they went one step further – designing a foaming cleaner specifically for food retail condensate drains that is not only user friendly, but is completely food safe, using a natural Tea Tree Oil to kill the biofilm and bacteria in the drains.
The added benefit of a non-hazardous cleaner is it requires no COSHH measures, avoiding extra storage and transportation requirements.
It saves cost, time and hassle while being safe to use – another simple-yet-effective solution from the drainage specialists at Gel-Clear!


  • Fast dissolving
  • Antibacterial
  • Safe Alternative to acid cleaners for HVACR condensate draining
  • Totally safe
  • Eco-friendly
  • Kills biofilm forming bacteria
  • Easy to use

Comes in a 215 gram tear strip, resealable pouch.

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