Goodspec 30amp Heavy Duty / High Current Relay

The HLR1000-240AT1H1Q is a 30 amp, single pole, 240Volt Air Conditioner coil with high power relay used in refrigeration and cool room installations. Where the temperature control’s internal relay lacks the power switching capability to reliably control the compressors high load.

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Category: Electrical Spares, Relays & Bases
SKU: GSHLR1000-240AT1H1Q

Goodspec 30amp Relay

Goodspec 30amp Heavy Duty Relay is a general purpose relay product suitable for 50Hz Or 60Hz,  Fixed Working Voltage Is 240V Or 277V, DC voltage to 220V control circuit.

Is suitable in the fixed operating current 30A, Single-phase air conditioning compressors or motor control.


  • 30 A switching capability
  • 4kV dielectric strength (between coil and contacts)
  • Heavy load up to 7500VA
  • Class F insulation available
  • 3mm contact gap available
  • Environmental friendly product (RoHS compliant)

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