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Louvre Return Air Grilles (LRG’s) are manufactured from a durable aluminium component to ensure long term product damage is minimal. These grilles are a fantastic option for air flow distribution needs. Designed for wall placement.

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Lourve Grilles (return air)

Louvre Return Air Grilles are meticulously crafted from high-quality aluminium, ensuring durability and longevity. Use of aluminium provides strength and resistance to corrosion, making them suitable for various indoor environments. With the precise louvre design, Return Air Grilles offer efficient air return functionality while maintaining a sleek and modern appearance. These grilles are a reliable choice for enhancing the ventilation system in residential or commercial spaces.

LRG’s are an exceptional choice for those seeking a stylish and non-obtrusive solution for indoor return air needs. These grilles are minimistically designed to seamlessly blend into modern home aesthetics, combining functionality with a visually pleasing appearance.

One of the key advantages of LRG’s is their ability to accommodate large airflows while maintaining an unobtrusive presence. Their size allows for ample airflow and ventilation, contributing to a comfortable and well-ventilated indoor environment. The larger surface area of these grilles helps minimise noise and turbulence, ensuring a quiet and undisturbed atmosphere in the home or office.

The louvred style of this grille makes the cleaning maintenance exceptionally easier than alternative grille shapes. A wet wipe across the front of the grille bars will simply remove dust build up.

The available Louvre Return Air Grilles are all finished in a classic white powder coating, ensuring visual sleekness and cleanliness.

The installation process for LRG’s is straightforward and hassle-free, making them an ideal choice for air conditioning professionals. With their durable construction and high-quality materials, LRG’s offer long-lasting performance and reliability.

LRG’s provide a stylish and non-obtrusive solution for return air grilles in modern homes and office spaces. The sleek design seamlessly integrates into the overall visual appeal of any room. Their ability to accommodate large airflows and minimise noise, LRG’s contribute to a comfortable and well-ventilated indoor environment. Easy installation and durable construction make LRG’s a practical choice for those seeking functionality and style.

For wall applications. 

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